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CEDIP is the European organisation for professional diving instructors.

Updated by PASCAL MOSSIAT [15/01/2000].   
D.A.N. (Diver Alert Network)  

DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network Europe) is a non-profit international medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of divers.

Updated by PHILIPPE FLEURY [21/03/2010].   
Ocean Quest Global  

Recreating the ocean’s life cycle

Updated by Pascal MOSSIAT [28/06/2020].   
PFAM (Plongeurs Francophones Autours du Monde)  

The “Plongeurs Francophones Autour du Monde” community developed from a Facebook group in 2014. Today, it has nearly 14,000 members who share their passion for scuba diving and speaking French.

Updated by Pascal MOSSIAT [29/06/2020].   
RSTA (Recreational Scuba Training Agencies)  

RSTA is an international organization of diving safety standards. It is an organization that provides for the creation of safety standards during diving courses.

Updated by PASCAL MOSSIAT [11/09/2016].   
SDA (Scuba Diving Association)  

We are an educational organization for scuba diving. We develop educational materials to meet the needs of our instructors. We are driven by a common passion, which isn't only practicing scuba diving, but also teaching it.

Updated by PASCAL MOSSIAT [17/03/2005].